Special thanks to Justin for sending in this story and pics of his once in a lifetime find!

Back in February, I purchased a brand-new Garrett AT Pro from Big Boys Hobbies, and it proved to be the best machine I have ever used. In October, I found something with it that made my year… A cache of rings!

My buddy and I were hunting for Civil War relics on a property that was part of a large Civil War camp. There was also a house on this lot up until about 5 years ago, so we found a lot of non-Civil War related stuff as well. It became a fall back spot for when we just wanted to get out for a quick hunt. On one hunt, I found something completely unexpected. I got a strong, high 80s signal on the AT Pro. I dug down, and pulled a dirty but very heavy wallet out of the ground. Thinking it was full of change, I called my hunting buddy over to take a look. The zipper was corroded and seized, so I took my digging tool and cut it open. Staring back at me were several gold and silver rings! It was such an unexpected sight, that it took me a while to realize what I was seeing! There were 110 rings in total. Ten were gold and 36 were sterling silver. The rest appear to be plated. We still have no idea why or how they ended up out there. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top that in my lifetime. Maybe I need to go searching for Civil War relics more often!

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