You might remember an old blog we wrote about beach metal detecting and what metal detector you would need. You have read that here. What Metal Detector do I need to go salt water beach hunting?

While still great info on that post there are two machines out now by Minelab that have changed dramatically how we look at beach detecting. Imagine a new metal detector that is wireless, multi frequency, light weight, waterproof to 10 feet under $900 and has a fast recovery..... Introducing the new Minelab Equinox 800 and 600 models.

The Equinox 600 has wired phones and lacks the gold nugget hunting mode of the 800 but it comes in at a great price of $649. Also the 600 range of settings does not allow the user to have the fine tooth adjustments range the 800 does but still a VERY VERY good choice for salt water beach hunting or old parks and yards. Not only is it a good beach machine but a KILLER silver coin machine.

The Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector is my weapon of choice! I LOVE the wireless headphones Minelab includes. Just turn on and go. If you have a old set of wired phones you love you can still use those to. Just use the supplied Minelab WM-08 wireless module that comes with the 800 standard. Plug right in and go!

The 800 is OUTSTANDING on the beach and old parks for deep silver coins. Great relic machine to as it hits those deep bullets and relics due to the 5 frequencies it run simultaneously just like the 600. Fast recovery speed in heavy iron to that can handle all the really tough spots.

As always if you have any questions or looking for other deals call or email us. We have a excellent bundle on both machines and are will to adjust it to get you what you need. We would be glad to work with you and get you set up correctly to find the next lost pirates chest full of gold coins on the beach or old farm field!

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