As parents, often times it's difficult to find new and exciting things to do with our kids in this technology age. One of the best things we've heard from our customers is that their kids absolutely love to go out and metal detect with their parents!

Metal detecting is great for the younger generation, you can use it as a tool to teach history, create excitement hunting for treasure, and get some great physical exercise all while spending quality time with your children.

While younger children may not be able to handle full size metal detectors, letting them help with a pinpointer or hand digging tool is a great way to include them in your hobby and let them share the excitement of your finds. we also offer a great selection of cheaper detectors that are really light weight and easy to use for children around 11 and up. The Garrett Ace series would be a fantastic starting point for early teenagers who show a strong interest in metal detecting.

Here's to the next generation of history lovers, treasure hunters and metal detectorists! As always please contact us at any time if you have any questions regarding the products we sell and service we offer. Happy hunting to you and yours from everyone at BBH