Metal detecting has always been a great form of exercise, walking the fields and parks, swinging a sometimes 20lb machine around hunting for treasure, but there are many other great benefits besides exercise that come with metal detecting:

- Great social experiences. most people love to approach metal detectorists when they are in public places like parks and beaches. the hobby can sometimes look strange yet exciting at the same time to onlookers who may be curious about the hobby or if you've had any success on the day, metal detecting is always a great way to meet new people!

- Good family bonding activity! having family members interested in metal detecting? bring them along! kids especially love the thrill of the hunt. Sposes should be encourage to give it a try at least once too, you never know, you could get them hooked too and have a full time partner for your hunts!

- Financial benefits saving all that clad really pays off. most new detectorists can fully pay off their detector purchase within the first couple of years with clad alone if your good about keeping it! those quarters and dimes really do add up! then take into account the rare finds, like jewelry and older coins and you could be onto a real financial winner, far outweighing the initial cost of your equipment!

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