We recently found out that the equinox 800 headset (ML90) uses the same FCCID as a similar headset from Rambotech, the OEM R8T80. The interesting part is these headsets can be pair to two devices at the same time. Here's how you can pair to multiple devices simultaneously:
Once the headset is paired with the Equinox 800, Turn off the detector and the headset
Turn on your smartphone and go into bluetooth settings > scan for new devices
While the smartphone is scanning, long press on the headset until it flashes red/blue for pairing mode
Once connected to the smartphone, switch the detector back on. You're now connected to both!
The great part about this tip is when you are out detecting in the field and you get a phone call you can accept it via the headset by pushing the power button on the side and it will switch audio signal from the equinox to your phone, pressing power again on the headset will end the call. Another great benefit is you can also use the smartphone to check the battery level of the pair bluetooth headset!
Happy hunting and if you have any questions of the equinox 600 or 800 feel free to contact us at any time!