Metal detectors are built to last. especially the older models from whites, garrett and minelab. We've seen detectors in great shape that were built in the 80's from some of the top manufactures. That said, when is it the best time to send in your machine for potentially expensive repairs versus buying a new machine?
Cost Vs Features
If your older metal detector is on it's last legs and repairs are upwards of 200 dollars (including shipping both ways) maybe it's time to look into replacing that relic (get it?) chances are, for less money than the repairs themselves you could pickup a modernized metal detector with a lot more functionality than your old one, and sometimes even for less money!
learning curve Vs tried and tested
It's not always just about the money when it comes to our hobbies. we grow attached to our equipment and this is especially true for metal detectors. We know the sweet spot's, those signal tones better than our wives beckoned call for dinner. Sometimes, it makes sense to spend those extra few dollars on getting the trusty ol' detector back to it's former glory than jumping ship and buying new.
As always, if you have any questions about purchasing new equipment, give us a call. we're always happy to help and with years of experience with all the major brands, we may be able to help making that right decision for you.