It's been a while since a new metal detector in the works has caught our eye, the latest from nokta makro may very well be the machine we have been waiting for. Here's everything we know so far, though some of these details may change, if it ends up with this spec it will be one of our most popular machines, especially given nokta makros aggressive pricing! NOTE: We do not currently have a release date or finalized pricing but will update this post when that information becomes available!
Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Technology.
Nokta Makro claims this new multi frequency technology is superior to its more expensive competitors. The detector will also offer many single frequencies. If done correctly, this could be huge for the machine's popularity and sales potential as multi frequency technology has usually been reserved for more expensive / full featured metal detectors.

User replaceable & removable battery

Another big feature that's usually only found on high end machines is the ability to remove and replace the battery. Many detectors rely on having service technicians diagnose and replace batteries, giving the user more options is always a welcome addition in our book, the other thing to note is the ability to purchase additional batteries and extend your detecting session! Another thing we're looking forward to seeing is the battery placement, the current rumor is it's placed below the arm cuff. It will be interesting to see how this affects the weight and balance of noktas new metal detector.

Carbon fiber lower shaft
Nokta Makro have confirmed the lower shaft will be a premium carbon fiber material, this coming as standard is exciting and will greatly improve the overall weight and strength of the metal detector, current rumors are the shaft will be the same telescopic design from the Simplex+ so it will be incredibly lightweight and portable, easily tossed into a backpack!

Durable, Rugged and fully waterproof housing!
Nokta have also confirmed the new machine will be sharing the same fully waterproof housing as the Simplex+ which has already proven itself with metal detectorists worldwide, with rave reviews and price to performance, people are very excited for this new machine!

A Brand new coil out of the box
The company confirmed the new metal detector will feature a brand new coil, we'll update this post when we know more about it's size, specs and details.

Nokta Makros pricing
Nokta makro are well known for their fairly priced metal detectors and the company is promising to keep this machine affordable and available. With the expected specs and potentially affordable price tag, this metal detector could be a real game changer. As soon as we know more we'll update.

While nothing has been 100% confirmed, we do know the company has a history of delivering on its promises, even exceeding expectations in some cases. As soon as we have more information we'll be updating this post so if you're as excited as we are about this new detector, go ahead and bookmark this page and check back often for updates!