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    Ever been walking along the beach and found a gun? This is what happened to a German man in the baltic sea. Alexander Ladwig was with his father and his dog walking along the beach near the town of Wabbs in Schleswig-Holstein and found a box containing 30 German handguns used in WW II. He gathered up all the 30 guns in the box and alerted authorities of the find. Sadly the government took them from him.

    In the pictures below you will see what looks to be several Browning high power 9 MM, Astra pistols and Walter P-38s. All of these were very common guns used by the Germans in WWII. The government that relieved him of his finds confirmed they came from Wehrmacht stocks.

    Have you ever found a gun while metal detecting? If so did you turn it in? If I were Mr Alexander Ludwig I would be going back to that area with my metal detector!

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  2. New firmware for Minelab Equinox 600 & 800 released, but is it any better finding silver?

    Recently, some Minelab equinox 600 and 800 owners have commented about their problems identifying silver accurately with their detectors over the last several months. Some owners even threatened to sue Minelab, forcing faster firmware releases than expected. With the new firmware, Equinox series detectors are hoping to have better silver identification along with some other small fixes and software tweaks. The user interface and depth gauge indicator have received updates as well as some other user profile functions some owners were claiming to be bugged.

    The new update is available to download now via the Minelab update utility on your PC or mac, after downloading the update utility, connect your machine to your computer via USB and turn on your unit. The update utility will detect your existing firmware and prompt for updated versions if available. if your device is ready for an update you will see a notice displayed to proceed.

    Time will tell if this update has fixed

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  3. Beach metal detecting has sure changed with the introduction of the Minelab Equinox series.

    You might remember an old blog we wrote about beach metal detecting and what metal detector you would need. You have read that here. What Metal Detector do I need to go salt water beach hunting?

    While still great info on that post there are two machines out now by Minelab that have changed dramatically how we look at beach detecting. Imagine a new metal detector that is wireless, multi frequency, light weight, waterproof to 10 feet under $900 and has a fast recovery..... Introducing the new Minelab Equinox 800 and 600 models.

    The Equinox 600 has wired phones and lacks the gold nugget hunting mode of the 800

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  4. What is the difference in the XP Deus and XP ORX Metal Detector?

    Are you looking to buy either the XP Deus or XP ORX metal detector but are confused with what features they lack? Here is a quick overview of what makes them different.

    Firstly, the XP ORX is lighter. 40 grams less to be exact. The weight loss comes from the lighter shaft. It is injected molded now and all out of plastic. Probably not all that noticeable to swing but it may not end up as sturdy of a machine as the XP Deus.

    Another big thing that the ORX lacks is all the frequencies in the new X35 coils for the XP Deus. The Deus can run 35 frequencies on the new X35 coils. The ORX can only handle 21. Xp can go as low as 3.7 Khz. ORX has a low of 13 Khz. Everyone knows he lower the frequency the more depth you can achieve. Will the ORX be as deep as the Deus?? Might need to do some DEUS vs ORX testing to find out!

    The X

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  5. Where are the good places to go Metal Detecting?

    The first step in going metal detecting is finding a good metal detector dealer with a shop. Amazon and ebay are poor choices to buy a metal detector for many reasons. First off you get zero help with questions before or after the sale on what might be the best model to fit what you might want to do with it. Second if you might be wasting your money on a model that won't do what your looking to do. You might be able to get away with a cheaper one that will do more. Third and most important they are TONS of fake / copied metal detectors from china on ebay and amazon. We have customers all the time call with issues with their machine and then they find out they have been tricked into buying a cheaper china fake metal detector. Fourth you can often save some $ buying from a real metal detector dealer. Always call us and ask what our best deal is, you might save some $ or get some good freebies thrown

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  6. XPs new Gold Prospecting Detector ORX is in stock at BBH!

    Big Boys Hobbies is pleased to announce the arrival of the highly anticipated XP ORX gold metal detectors. We now have limited availability in stock but don't expect these new machines to last long! head on over to the XP ORX Metal Detector page to grab yours!


    If you'd like to learn more about the XP ORX features you can head here for an in depth roundup of all it's features and specifications. If you have any questions on this, or any other detectors we sell, please don't hesitate to

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  7. XP ORX has a new hashtag function!

    The XP ORX metal detector has a new function, it is called the hashtag button, you will see it is located in the top left of the panel, the # button is very important as it has a dual function.

    Function 1
    Program select mode – To access the programs press once to scroll through the 4 factory programs and 2 user saved programs.

    Once your chosen program is displayed there is no need to make any further button presses, the ORX is ready to detect.

    Function 2
    Salt mode – To access the Salt mode press and hold the Hashtag button for 3 seconds and the word “Salt” will appear on the screen next to the right of the frequency read out.
    To torn th

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  8. Minelab Equinox Metal Detector ID Chart Numbers Quick Reference Guide

    We get questions all the time for what If target ID #'s to look for on the Minelab Equinox Metal Detector. Below we have listed a few charts from very experienced guys and gals that will help you narrows it down until you can learn them in you head.

    As always, the tone is you best indicator on whether the target is good to dig or not. Coins often give a good "round" signal tone. This is also true with rings and such. Not ALWAYS true on all rings but for the most part it can be said as true.

    That sound is very hard to explain but after you hear it a few times you will recognize it. The Minelab Equinox not only has VERY accurate ID #'s do to the multi frequencies but great audio as well. Once you can learn what the Nox is telling you your success rate will HUGELY increase.

    If you have any questions On the Minelab Equinox series metal detectors feel free to check out our great

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  9. Minelab CTX 3030 with free 17" coil holiday promotion!

    PROMOTION ENDS January 31st 2019!

    2018 Holiday promotion is now up on the Big Boys Hobbies website! Get one of our awesome Minelab CTX 3030 bundles and receive a FREE 17" CTX 3030 coil worth $399.

    While coils last of course. This 17" CTX coil is a awesome beach or open field coil for depth and coverage area!

    PROMOTION ENDS January 31st 2019!

    Holler with any questions!

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  10. All new XP ORX Gold Prospecting Metal Detector coming soon!!!

    XP is pleased to announce the XP ORX Gold Prospecting Metal Detector.

    Get ready for some High-performance Gold prospecting and Coin hunting!

    Watch for updates on the detector on our website link above! More info coming very soon!


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