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  1. XPs new Gold Prospecting Detector ORX is in stock at BBH!

    Big Boys Hobbies is pleased to announce the arrival of the highly anticipated XP ORX gold metal detectors. We now have limited availability in stock but don't expect these new machines to last long! head on over to the XP ORX Metal Detector page to grab yours!


    If you'd like to learn more about the XP ORX features you can head here for an in depth roundup of all it's features and specifications. If you have any questions on this, or any other detectors we sell, please don't hesitate to

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  2. XP ORX has a new hashtag function!

    The XP ORX metal detector has a new function, it is called the hashtag button, you will see it is located in the top left of the panel, the # button is very important as it has a dual function.

    Function 1
    Program select mode – To access the programs press once to scroll through the 4 factory programs and 2 user saved programs.

    Once your chosen program is displayed there is no need to make any further button presses, the ORX is ready to detect.

    Function 2
    Salt mode – To access the Salt mode press and hold the Hashtag button for 3 seconds and the word “Salt” will appear on the screen next to the right of the frequency read out.
    To torn the sal

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  3. Minelab Equinox Metal Detector ID Chart Numbers Quick Reference Guide

    Looking for a specific ID of an item not listed or disagree with one? Want to add one not listed? Please leave your comment below at the bottom of the page!

    We get questions all the time for what If target ID #'s to look for on the Minelab Equinox Metal Detector. Below we have listed a few charts from very experienced guys and gals that will help you narrows it down until you can learn them in you head.

    As always, the tone is you best indicator on whether the target is good to dig or not. Coins often give a good "round" signal tone. This is also true with rings and such. Not ALWAYS true on all rings but for the most part it can be said as true.

    That sound is very hard to explain but after you hear it a few times you will recognize it. The Minelab Equinox not only has VERY accurate ID #'s do to the multi frequencies but great audio as well. Once you can learn

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  4. Minelab CTX 3030 with free 17" coil holiday promotion!

    PROMOTION ENDS January 31st 2019!

    2018 Holiday promotion is now up on the Big Boys Hobbies website! Get one of our awesome Minelab CTX 3030 bundles and receive a FREE 17" CTX 3030 coil worth $399.

    While coils last of course. This 17" CTX coil is a awesome beach or open field coil for depth and coverage area!

    PROMOTION ENDS January 31st 2019!

    Holler with any questions!

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  5. All new XP ORX Gold Prospecting Metal Detector coming soon!!!

    XP is pleased to announce the XP ORX Gold Prospecting Metal Detector.

    Get ready for some High-performance Gold prospecting and Coin hunting!

    Watch for updates on the detector on our website link above! More info coming very soon!


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  6. Minelab Equinox Software Update is Here!

    One of the biggest benefits of the latest generation of metal detectors is the ability to keep its software upto date and get all the new settings as and when they are released. Minelab have just released their latest software update for the Equinox series (600 and 800)

    Click here to read all about the update, you'll find the software links and full instructions at the bottom of this PDF.

    Included with this update is:

    Silver Target Indication

    IDs for silver coins on edge have been improved.

    Depth Gauge Indications

    The depth gauge is more accurate and stable at all depths.

    General Updates

    General improvements to the user interface and user profile functions.

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  7. Metal detectorist finds U.S. curler’s Olympic ring!

    Great story here form NBC Sports!

    Curler John Landsteiner lost his U.S. Olympic ring on Huntington Beach in California. Doctor Rings & Things found it.

    Landsteiner, part of the first U.S. Olympic champion curling team from February, dropped the ring about 10 to 20 feet into the Pacific Ocean on July 19, while he was in Southern California to attend the ESPY Awards, according to Reddit.

    Landsteiner turned to Reddit and metal-detecting websites, posting the coordinates of where he lost it, hoping it washed ashore and that a sincere stranger could find it.

    Enter Leon Jones, aka Doctor Rings & Things. Jones is a regular treasure hunter, posting his searches on YouTube. Jones found the ring this week and, through local TV station KTLA, video chatted with Landsteiner.

    “It means a lot to me,” Landsteiner said, according to KTLA, ad

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  8. XP Deus Update V5 is Out Now!

    The new update is available on the XP deus webite which adds some further expert mode functionality and additional settings. you can get all the information by clicking here to visit XP Deus website.

    It's important you keep all your software upto date to make sure you're not missing on any security features, or any new functionality that gets added with each version.

    XP Deus WS4 / WS5 Headphone new features:
    • Reactivity
    • TX Power
    • Automatic Ground Tracking
    • Frequency offset (35 frequencies with the new X35)
    • Iron volume
    • Audio Response

    XP Deus Version 5 offers the following updates:

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  9. Apple or Android while Metal Detecting?


    When you go metal detecting what phone do you use? Apple iPhone or a Android such as  Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus? Are phones a help or hindrance while metal detecting??

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  10. BBH Is Proud To Introduce Nokta Metal Detectors To Its Lineup


    We're excited to announce that we have recently launched a new category on our website for Nokta Metal Detectors. 

    The Nokta Impact series are hailed as some of the best "all round" multi frequency detectors on the market currently and we're excited what their future technology will bring.

    You can check out our Nokta Impact metal detector packages here and if you have any questions, as always feel free to contact us at any time.

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