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Coiltek 15" X-TERRA 3kHz DD coil

Coiltek 22″ Goldstalker Mono Coil

Coiltek 22″ Mono Goldstalker Search Coil. This water resistant, lightweight coil offers excellent search capabilities over large open areas. Compatible with the Minelab SD, GP, and GPX series metal detectors.

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C01-0018 22" goldstalker

Coiltek 22″ Goldstalker Mono Coil for Minelab SD, GP, GPX Detectors

The newest additions to the GOLDSTALKER® series take superior performance and ramp it up even more. Offering excellent search capabilities over large open areas, these coils not only see more ground with each swing, they give maximum depth penetration to find the lodes the others miss.

22″ ROUND Weighing in at only 1110g, this large coil is very lightweight for its size and makes light work of searching large areas. It offers a good stable threshold in most circumstances plus the best depth capabilities of the round coils. Although suited to larger, deeper targets, it still impresses with its sensitivity; during testing it found 2g pieces at approx 25cm deep.

Size: 540mm (22.5 x 22.5 x 4 in)

Weight: 1100g / 38.8oz (3.375 LBS)

Water resistant: yes

Waterproof: no

Sensitivity: fair

Depth: excellent

Best-suited terrain: open field

Mineralization Level: Medium Related


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