Quest XPointer Orange Water-Resistant Pinpointer

Quest XPointer Orange Water-Resistant Pinpointer

Quest XPointer Scuba Tector Underwater PI Li-Poly Metal Detector

Quest XPointer Scuba Tector Underwater PI Li-Poly Metal Detector

Deteknix X-Pointer

The new Deteknix X-POINTER pulse induction pinpointer. Metal Detector Pin pointer at an affordable price. Free same day priority shipping!
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X-Pointer is water resistant!

Features of Xpointer pinpointer:

Take your Deteknix XPointer with you on every metal detecting trip! Xpointer is a great asset and tool for any serious detectorist. This tiny, rugged device can locate the desired target before or after you start to dig. It has amazing features of audible and vibrating alarms, so you can use the XPointer with no need to ever remove your headphones. All new Microprocessor circuitry gets maximum sensitivity and requires no reseting or adjusting while in use.

Additional features are as follows;

  • 3 inch side ruler on the shaft for you to estimate the depth of your targets in the recovery hole.
  • Very bright LED flashlight to assist with nigh time hunting
  • Woven utility holster to attach to your belt. 
  • Anti slip design to promote tight grip during scraping or digging. 
  • Water resistant design on the Deteknix XPointer so it can be used in almost anywhere. 


This all around metal detector pin pointer can even be used to find metal pipes or detect the nails in wall studs.

* The Xpointer is  waterproof during daily use. No need to the speaker wash the pin pointer after use in dirt. The LED is also waterproof in daily use as well. 

* The Gorilla tough coil wiring technology is no nonsense system which will not false alarm during probing in the hole. 



Rugged construction - will not “false” when pressure is applied

PI technology will penetrate heavily mineralized dirt

Excellent depth range with 4 levels of sensitivity

3 modes of operation (sound, vibrate, sound & vibrate)

LED light Water resistant (not submersible)

Includes skid caps (4) and a security lanyard

Two year warranty – serviced in the USA

3 Available X-Pointers avaiable:







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