Makro Racer 2 Pro Pack Metal Detector

Makro Racer 2 Pro Pack Metal Detector

Detector Pro Headhunter Underwater - 8 or 12

Detector Pro Headhunter Underwater - 8 or 12" coil version!

Garrett AT Pro Diggers Special with Free Shipping


Garrett AT Pro Digger's Special Package 8.5x11" PROformance DD Search Coil & 5 "Must-Have" Garrett Accessories Plus FREE Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting Accessories. Free Shipping! Garrett AT Pro is the NEWEST updated 2017 version with MS-2 Headphones, cam locks and extended arm.

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Garrett Digger Special

Our Garrett AT Pros are NEWEST updated 2017 version with the new MS-2 Headphones! 

Be sure to ask for the BBH special pricing! Call or email us for your deal! 405-206-9010!

We still have them in stock but cant order more. Garrett is ending the digger special on 12-31-2015. Dont miss this great bundle!

Email us or call us at 405-206-9010 and ask for the best deal on the AT PRO. Always call, text or email for better deal not shown! 

Garrett AT Pro is the updated version with cam locks and extended arm.

The AT Pro Digger’s Special Pack PN #  1140463 includes 5 "must have" Garrett accessories and Garrett’s all-terrain, all-treasure,deep-seeking, professional treasure hunter’s AT Pro detector! This all-terrain detector offers new and exclusive Garrett technology that makes it ideal for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewelry, and even gold nuggets. Select from either Standard or Professional search modes with enhanced audio features. The AT Pro is also engineered with a waterproof housing and connectors to protect in dusty, muddy, wet and humid environments.

"With advanced audio target Target ID...its enhanced ability to separate targets from trash...all terrain operation...our new AT Pro is an outstanding multi-purpose detector for coins, jewelry, relics, caches and even prospecting."

- Charles Garrett


Product Features:

  • 8.5x11" PROformance DD Search Coil
  • Total Weight - 3.03 lbs. (1.37 kgs.)
  • Frequency - 15 Khz
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • All Terrain Versatility: Weatherproof housing designed
  • Waterproof to 10 feet
  • Iron Audio: Allows the user to hear discriminated iron and to alter the detector’s mid-tone signal’s range
  • Digital Target ID: 0 to 99 Target ID scale offers increased ability to distinguish one target’s conductivity from another
  • High-Res Iron Discrimination: Allows user to set iron discrimination to one of 40 levels for precise ability to separate good targets from trash
  • Pro Mode Audio: Proportional Audio and Tone Roll Audio features allow user to hear subtle changes in target’s response to better judge its conductivity, size, shape, depth



  • Garrett Factory Includes 5 "Must-Have" Garrett Accessories:
    • Garrett Edge Digger w/ Sheath
    • Camo Digger’s Pouch
    • AT Pro Cap
    • Digital Camo Soft Case
    • 8.5x11" DD Searchcoil Cover
    • MS-2 Headphones 


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