Sun Ray X-5 coil

Sun Ray X-5 coil

Sun Ray XL-1 Probe

Sun Ray XL-1 Probe

Sun Ray S-1 Probe


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Sun Ray S-1 Probe

  • Accurate “Bullseye” pinpointing on coin size targets up to 3″ deep in all metal mode! 1 1/2″ – 2″ accurate tone ID in discriminate mode! (NOTE: Greater depth on larger than coin size targets)

  • Accurate visual ID when used with digital meter!

  • Uses the Elite / GT BBS circuitry to cancel ground effects and reject most hot rocks!

  • No buzzers or lights necessary. All target responses come directly through your headphones! Makes hand held probes obsolete!

  • No extra batteries required! 

  • S-1 probe is 9″ long and 1″ in diameter and is submersible.

  • S-1 switch box slides onto the meter mounting bracket and the meter slides onto the top of the S-1 switch box allowing you to see the Minelab meter display easier and allows switching from coil to probe and back with the flip of your thumb! 

  • Probe is detachable from S-1 switch box for direct insertion to Elite control housing for stand alone detecting/pinpointing!

  • Includes S-1  Probe Clip Attachment for attaching S-1 probe along side arm rest when not in use!  

  • Ultra Light Weight! The S-1 is small and lightweight. Probe w/cable=7 oz / S-1 switch box=5 oz / overall weight including 2 probe clips=13 oz!

  • S-1 switch box comes with a short standard length cable and connects directly into your Minelab or Sun Ray meter.

  • Optional 13″ Extended cable Version to be used if mounting your Elite / GT control housing under the arm rest. – $184.95

  • Optional 50″ switch box extension cable available if hip/chest mounting the control housing. - Add $$29.95

Key FeaturesChose your extension length for Sun Ray S-1 Probe. FULL 12 MONTH WARRANTY!!
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