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Anaconda NX-6 36" Shovel

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The Anaconda NX-6 36" shovel from Gold Digger is made from high grade tempered steel and heat treated for durability.

The NX-6's have been reinforced at the pivot point (where the shaft meets the top of the shovel) so these 36" long handled shovels are tougher than ever.

The NX-6 36" shovel is powder coated black and the 9" blade has teeth on each side to cut straight through the tough roots.

The T- handle is made to fit a standard 5.5" shovel holster.

Also includes a built-in, double-sided bottle opener for a bonus!

The Anaconda NX-6 is made here in the USA. This shovel is used by the "The Diggers" KG and Ringy.

The Anaconda NX-6 36" Shovel Features:

Tempered steel – Heat treated for durability

Powder coated (black)
Teeth on blade edges for cutting roots
Wide, non-slip “cleated” foot pegs
Built-in, double-sided bottle opener!
Total Length: 36.25″ (for 36" Shovel)
Blade Length: 9″
Handle Width: 5.5″ fits standard Shovel Holster
Rugged and reliable. Perfect all-purpose digger!
100% made in Kansas in the good old USA
Used by Team ATC
Patent Pending

NX-5 & NX-6 Shovel Warranty

Anaconda Treasure Company (ATC) warrants the NX-5 shovel for six months against structural deficiencies in material and workmanship.  The NX-5 is made from rugged, heat treated steel manufactured in the USA, designed for many years of cutting plugs and sawing through roots in all kinds of soil conditions, and is therefore extremely resistant to bending and breaking (i.e tested to 180-200 pounds of pressure).  The NX-5 is NOT intended for use as a pry bar (i.e. prying cement, ice, or rock formations).  This LIMITED WARRANTY will be voided if the NX-5 is improperly used, abused, altered or repaired. If you believe that your tool meets the criteria for warranty replacement, please contact your local dealer or the Anaconda Treasure Company directly with proof of purchase and a detailed description, including photographs, of the defect.   If found to be defective due to structural deficiencies in material or workmanship, a replacement will be provided.

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