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  1. Top 5 Metal Detectors for 2023

    Top 5 Metal Detectors for 2023!

    Rating metal detectors is very hard and will always stir up Great conversations, including some arguments! ha ha

    While most people are brand loyal and very biased to what they own personally, some machines are clearly better than others, price and availability should always be taken into consideration while ranking metal detectors, that's why for this year, our top 5 list will cover all bases in all price groups. If you are interested in any of the machines listed or want up-to-the-minute pricing and bundle/promotional offers, please don't ever hesitate to contact us or call us for the best deals! 405-206-9010 We are always happy to help! Now, Read on to see our top 5 Metal detectors for 2023!

    Please give us your feedback and review of your best metal detectors, we welcome any and all conversation!

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  2. In less than a month my Manticore found me enough to pay off my machine!

    We love getting stories and pictures like this from our customers with success on their detectors. I thought we would share this with you on how good the Minelab Manticore is on the beach!



    We had a 3-foot cut in the beach last night and got a 14k gold chain with a cross and a silver bracelet. Other junk jewelry and clad.  I thought I'd share with you my latest finds. In less than a month my Manticore found me enough to pay off my machine and buy another if I needed. Thanks again!!!


    N. Dave E.

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  3. Minelab Manticore Update




    Minelab is pleased to introduce a software upgrade for MANTICORE with major new features to enhance your detecting experience.

    Stabilizer Setting: A new Stabilizer feature has been added to All Terrain Search Modes, significantly enhancing useability in iron trash.

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  4. XP DEUS II V1.0 Software Update

    ATTENTION: Don't

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  5. Minelab Manticore Coin Chart

    Minelab Manticore Coin Chart


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  6. Minelab Manticore have more problems in iron than equinox 800? Read this

    The MANTICORE is a very different detector to the EQUINOX, despite some similarities. It was specifically designed with heavily hunted-out sites in mind, which are now much more common for most detectorists, and where finds are becoming increasingly sparse. It is intentionally much more aggressive than the EQUINOX 800, and is designed to stop users on iffy detections more often, but also to provide the user with more information on which to decide whether to dig. We would expect an experienced MANTICORE user to dig iron more often than with an EQUINOX 800, but over time should also find some targets that an EQUINOX 800 might overlook. The consequence is that the MANTICORE can be a more challenging user experience, and we find that most experienced EQUINOX 800 users need to go through a period of adaption to get the most out of a MANTICORE.

    Heavy iron sites like you describe are very common and a lot of users see this, even more so at European sites where habitation extends back

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  7. Minelab Manticore Target ID List 2023

    Here Is a list of compiled Minelab Manticore target ID's for 2023

    If you have a personal target ID #'s you would like to add to our list please use the comment section below.



    TID              ITEM

    12 16          Nickel 3 Cent Type
    20 23          1 Dollar Gold Piece
    21 23          Beaver Tail
    24 25          Buffalo
    25 27          1980 Nickel
    26 27          V Nickel
    28 29          14k White Gold Band Mens
    28 30          Rectanglular Pull tab - Sounded Choppy
    29                Silver War Nickel

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  8. Minelab Equinox 800 vs Minelab Equinox 900 Full List of Differences

    Minelab Equinox 800 vs Minelab Equinox 900

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  9. Nokta Legend Cheat Sheet

    Handy cheat sheet for the Nokta Legend Metal Detector!

    Credit & thanks to CSW over at trasurenet.

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  10. DEUS II v0.7 UPDATE instructions


    DEUS II v0.7 UPDATE instructions

    DEUS II is an evolving detector and constantly improving. Our engineering team will regularly release new updates. We recommend you install the DEUS II UPDATER software on your PC and update your Remote Control & your WS6 Headphones upon receipt.

    Current version to date: V0.7

    Improved “SILENCER” (Discri>Expert)

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