We've heard from the community about the difficulties surrounding the Simplex software update process. Here's How to do it:

1 - Visit https://www.noktadetectors.com/metal-detector/simplex-metal-detector/ - on the left hand menu, click the "Software Update" Tab to locate the download link, click the red link to get the latest software version and download it. (enc-simplex-system-2v76.zip as of the time of this post)
2 - Once the file has been downloaded, extract the files from the zip onto your desktop
3 - Run the DetectorUpdateSetup.exe file from your desktop, install the update tool software, a new desktop icon will be created
4- Run the "Nokta Detector Update Tool" from your desktop "Select Simplex from the drop down menu and proceed with the following instructions on screen.

You can bookmark the simplex webpage for future refrence, when new software updates

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