Top 5 Metal Detectors for 2023!

Rating metal detectors is very hard and will always stir up Great conversations, including some arguments! ha ha

While most people are brand loyal and very biased to what they own personally, some machines are clearly better than others, price and availability should always be taken into consideration while ranking metal detectors, that's why for this year, our top 5 list will cover all bases in all price groups. If you are interested in any of the machines listed or want up-to-the-minute pricing and bundle/promotional offers, please don't ever hesitate to contact us or call us for the best deals! 405-206-9010 We are always happy to help! Now, Read on to see our top 5 Metal detectors for 2023!

Please give us your feedback and review of your best metal detectors, we welcome any and all conversation!

Number #5: Nokta Legend $509- $679

Coming in at number 5 the Nokta Legend for the best affordable multi-frequency detector of 2023.

This is a multi-frequency machine that allows you to hunt in salt or freshwater up to 10 ft. For the money you just cannot beat this machine for all the features it has. It has audio and visual vibration for targets for the hearing impaired. Still a very lightweight machine right around 3 lb that has great target ID instability no matter where you hunt it due to the multi-frequency. Absolutely great machine everywhere and anywhere. For sure the best bang for the buck!

Number #4: Minelab X-TERRA PRO $259

Our number four pick for the best beginner-budget-friendly metal detectors is the Minelab X-Terra Pro.

It is a lightweight machine that can change the frequency but still only run a single frequency at a time. It has a beach mode that allows it to saltwater beaches fairly decently but is still a very accurate and great beginner with an easy setup. Has a huge display and easy-to-adjust features. Can't recommend it enough for the money!

Number #3: Minelab Equinox 900

Our number 3 pick for the best all-around metal detector for 2023 will be the Minelab Equinox 900.

Minelab had an absolutely stellar machine in the Minelab Equinox 800 a few years back. They started from there and fixed all the issues and made the Equinox 900 a much more powerful and better-built machine. They added carbon fiber rods to the machine to make it stiffer and fold up much faster and easier. They added a new and better design to the waterproofing to make the machine not have any getting dunked. They also fixed the carbon fiber shafts to allow the arm cuff adjustment very easily. Beefing up the coil connection to where you have no issues of breaking is another added plus. This machine has more power than the old 800 and definitely a game changer with the added 6-inch coil that it comes with in addition to the stock 11-inch coil. You can handle any situation with those two coils right out of the box. It is a very good iron and trash machine and still can hit small gold nuggets when asked to. Weighing in it right at 3 lb so it's a very lightweight and easy-to-use machine. We can't recommend this machine enough for all-around Metal Detecting

Number #2: XP DEUS II $799-$1449

Our best iron and trash, discrimination, and great all-around Metal Detector!

The XP Deus II is by far the best all-around iron and trash machine and my personal favorite! We love the speed of the machine in any heavy iron and trash, especially with the 9-in coil they offer. It does a very good job at sniffing out good targets hidden in iron that other machines will miss.  If you want a machine to take to your pounded-out sites and still produce, this is the machine to get. It will make all your old sites new again! If you hunt old homes, in parks, or for relics this is the machine to do it!

The new multi-frequency and being waterproof to 63 ft really makes it dominate the saltwater and freshwater beaches. It will hit small women's gold chains which are HUGE! My personal favorite machine is the XP DEUS II!

Not to mention that it weighs 2 lb and is much lighter than any other detector. That really helps after a long day. You can get it price range anywhere from $799 to $1449 depending on the setup currently on our website. Be sure to ask about the current special deals we have running on it to save you $$$!

Number #1: Minelab Manticore  $1599

Coming in at number 1 for our best all-around premium/top-end metal detector is the Minelab Manticore.

This is by far the best all-around machine we have on the market right now. It is waterproof to 16 feet and has a multi-frequency detector. with a 2D screen, it allows you to see the possible target ID numeric value and where it hits on the ferrous scale showing you iron and non-ferrous targets in the ground at the same time. This allows you to be much more confident before you dig. Great way to identify coin spills. This machine has over 50% more power than the Minlab Equinox series with still a very fast response. Also has enhanced discrimination to allow you to accept or reject targets much more quickly. 

This machine allows you to hunt a saltwater beach in the morning and go over and hunt a local iron-infested park on the same day without making any big adjustments. This machine can do it all and be the best in the field at it! Definitely our favorite go-to machine for 2023.

If you want THE best metal detector on the Market the Minelab Manticore is the ticket! YOU will never look back with regret and wish you didn't get the best with the Manticore!


Please give us your feedback and reviews of your best metal detectors, we welcome any and all conversations! For the best deals on any of these Metal Detectors, or any of the ones we sell please call us at 405-206-9010 or email us at [email protected]