Tonight the ghosts and goblins roam the streets on Halloween night in search of the one elusive house that gives out full size candy bars! Dads follow aimlessly behind carrying flash lights and parts of the kids costume as they remove them so they can run even faster to the next house. We Dads pilfer through the candy bag and grab a quick laffy taffy snack to tide us over on the long trip. Moms hand out treats at the door to all the princesses and pirates that venture up in search of sugar treats. They help the one kid that has a ripped candy bag from a prior fall but is still hard at work gathering more loot.

We as metal detectorist have a great tool to ease Mom's mind of candy tampering. We can simply sweep the bag of candy with our metal detector and test for any metal object foul play. Be sure to turn your discrimination all the way down so we can hear anything that might have found its way in the bag. Not to mention we can convince

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