Monthly Archives: July 2017

  1. New Gray Ghost Amphibian CTX 3030 headphones in stock!

    What all us Minelab CTX 3030 guys have been asking for! Volume control on our Gray Ghost headphones! Well they are here in stock and ready to ship!

    Check out the Gray Ghost Amphibians for the Minelab CTX 3030

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  2. New XP Deus MI-6 Pin Pointer is out and is impressive!

    The XP Deus MI-6 Pin Pointer is one amazing pin pointer and doing very well in the field!
    The ability to hear your targets through the headphones give it a real advantage over traditional pin pointers. Makes it much easier to narrow down the desired target over trash much faster.
    The new research mode allows you to locate it as well if you lose it in the field. No more walking around aimlessly looking for a lost pin pointer.
    Another MAJOR advantage of the MI-6 is that it has no interference or cross talk with the XP Deus itself. Other pin pin pointer allow interfere with your detector to some degree. Not the MI-6!
    If you have any questions about them or anything else we sell always feel free to call or shoot us an email. Be glad to help in any way!

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