Monthly Archives: December 2011

  1. Minelab E-Trac coil testing

    I just picked up Coiltek line of coils so I wanted to test the new Joey 5X10" DD coil against the Sunray X-5 coil and the stock Minelab E-Trac coil with some controlled environment air testing. We all know air testing doesn't give proper depth but it will give us an idea. What I found out was surprising.

    First up the Minelab E-Trac stock Pro coil,

    1. In auto +3 sensitivity 19, stock coins program it was able to hit a silver dime easily at 9". Audio response all the way to 11"
    2. Manual sensitivity at 30 it hit a silver dime at 11.5" easily. Audio response all the way to 13"

    With screen all the way open no change in either mode.

    Second 5X10" joey coil.

    1. In auto +3 sensitivity 19, stock coins program it
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  2. Relic Hunt with Steve Moore from Garrett Metal Detectors

    Here is the video from our 2 day hunt with Steve Moore from Garrett Metal Detectors and Evan "GoneHunting". We found several buttons, round balls and old Civil War relics. I am mainly a coin hunter but had a blast learning from Steve and Evan. They were using the Garrett AT Gold. I was using the Garrett AT Pro including when I found the cannon ball.

    Want to thank Steve Moore for coming down and Brian with Garrett for chasing us around the woods to film us goofballs. Thanks to the Man upstairs for allowing us to have such a good day and hunt.

    Hope you enjoy the video!


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  3. Found a cannon ball out Civil War relic hunting with a Garrett AT Pro!

    Went relic hunting at a Civil War site here in Oklahoma yesterday with Steve Moore from Garrett and GoneHunting a friend of mine. I am a coin shooter by heart but after yesterday with all the bullets and buttons we dug I might have a change of heart! This find might seal the deal for good. We all had a great day overall and enjoyed the 30 degree weather! Finding the cannon ball warmed me right up! It measure 3 1/2" across and from reference charts I have seen it is a 6 pounder. I was using a Garrett AT Pro with stock 8.5 X 11" DD coil. It rang in at 98 and 99 as you will see in video.

    I have to thank the man up stairs for such a great find and a good time with friends!

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