Monthly Archives: September 2018

  1. All new XP ORX Gold Prospecting Metal Detector coming soon!!!

    XP is pleased to announce the XP ORX Gold Prospecting Metal Detector.

    Get ready for some High-performance Gold prospecting and Coin hunting!

    Watch for updates on the detector on our website link above! More info coming very soon!


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  2. Minelab Equinox Software Update is Here!

    One of the biggest benefits of the latest generation of metal detectors is the ability to keep its software upto date and get all the new settings as and when they are released. Minelab have just released their latest software update for the Equinox series (600 and 800)

    Click here to read all about the update, you'll find the software links and full instructions at the bottom of this PDF.

    Included with this update is:

    Silver Target Indication

    IDs for silver coins on edge have been improved.

    Depth Gauge Indications

    The depth gauge is more accurate and stable at all depths.

    General Updates

    General improvements to the user interface and user profile functions.

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