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  1. 2020 Black Friday Deals for the XP ORX!


    While supplies last on the XP ORX!

    Offer Details:

    #1. Get an MI-6 Pinpointer for $40 with the purchase of these 2 configurations. XP ORX FX-02 9" X35 coil (general detecting high trash areas coil) with Wired Headphones or XP ORX with 9" Round High-Frequency DD coil (for Coins and Relics or general detecting) with Wireless phones ORX22_KIT

    #2. Email us at [email protected] for even better deals on the configurations!

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  2. Xp Releases New Gold Panning Kits! Field Test & Review of the XP Betea

    Kevin Hoagland recently did a full and comprehensive field test of XP's Batea gold pan. Here's his final thoughts and conclusion, you can read the full article over at the XP detector website. The XP Batea is not a novelty pan, it is a serious tool for the gear box and one that I think you will find yourself using more and more often than you think you will right now.

    It is a bit bulkier than what you are used to, but the design of the flattop grip area makes all the difference in the world. Think about it this way, take your favorite gold pan and put a shelf around it to make it even easier to hold onto and use. Now to the part about it being innovative. The Defragmenter is, as I said earlier, the key and the smartest thing I have seen done to a gold pan. Riffles are one thing, but this unit tears down challenging soils like I have never seen without the chance of blowing your gold past a riffle.

    Will it work

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