1. Minelab Manticore have more problems in iron than equinox 800? Read this

    The MANTICORE is a very different detector to the EQUINOX, despite some similarities. It was specifically designed with heavily hunted-out sites in mind, which are now much more common for most detectorists, and where finds are becoming increasingly sparse. It is intentionally much more aggressive than the EQUINOX 800, and is designed to stop users on iffy detections more often, but also to provide the user with more information on which to decide whether to dig. We would expect an experienced MANTICORE user to dig iron more often than with an EQUINOX 800, but over time should also find some targets that an EQUINOX 800 might overlook. The consequence is that the MANTICORE can be a more challenging user experience, and we find that most experienced EQUINOX 800 users need to go through a period of adaption to get the most out of a MANTICORE.

    Heavy iron sites like you describe are very common and a lot of users see this, even more so at European sites where habitation extends back

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  2. Minelab Manticore Target ID List 2023

    Here Is a list of compiled Minelab Manticore target ID's for 2023

    If you have a personal target ID #'s you would like to add to our list please use the comment section below.

    If you are looking for the best deals on the Manticore be sure to call 405-206-9010 or email us at [email protected] You will be glad you did!



    TID              ITEM

    12 16          Nickel 3 Cent Type
    20 23          1 Dollar Gold Piece
    21 23          Beaver Tail
    24 25          Buffalo
    25 27          1980 Nickel
    26 27          V Nickel
    28 29  

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  3. Minelab Equinox 800 vs Minelab Equinox 900 Full List of Differences

    Minelab Equinox 800 vs Minelab Equinox 900

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  4. Nokta Legend Cheat Sheet

    Handy cheat sheet for the Nokta Legend Metal Detector!

    Credit & thanks to CSW over at trasurenet.

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  5. The most popular XP Deus II Program Settings from The Community

    These XP Deus II program settings are making the waves in the community! give them a shot and see what you think! do you have a secret sauce XP Deus II program setting you want to share? feel free to leave it in the comments and we'll get it added to this list, happy hunting!

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  6. Should You Metal Detect in Snow?

    We are a few months away from winter and sadly this is kind of the low season for outdoor activities including metal detecting. Indeed, most detectorists find themselves in a situation where they put their beloved detector in their closet and just wait for spring to start hunting again …

    This is especially the case if snow falls in your area!

    In this article, I share with you some ideas to find opportunities to successfully metal detect in winter even if it is snowy.

    Should you metal detect in the snow?

    The only reason you shouldn’t consider metal detecting in the snow is when there is some sort of risk. For example, cold weather in some areas could be unbearable for normal human beings which might lead to some bad health repercussions.

    Also, if your area is full of ice that could cause slippery, I would definitely advise you to not take the risk. I was a victim of this myself and this has almost cau

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  7. Heartwarming story you just love to see, metal detectorists worldwide are saving marriages, one ring at a time!

    Last week a young couple strolling along the China beach in San Francisco was almost knocked over by a rogue wave, when the young woman regained her balance, she quickly realized the wave had knocked off her engagement ring into the ocean! while she frantically searched the sand to no avail, the ring, a family heirloom, had seemingly vanished.

    The young woman called Ring finders, a service that helps connect people to seasoned detectorists around the world, Marshal Smith got the call and was at the beach at 9 am the next day to meet up and begin the hunt for the lost ring.

    The initial chances of recovery after 24 hours seemed slim but shortly into the hunt, Smith got a strong signal and was able to find the missing ring! Obviously, this young lady was over the moon and this tale had a very happy ending. We are starting to hear about stories much like this one more

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  8. Why We're Very Excited for Nokta Makros Newest Multi Frequency Metal Detector!

    It's been a while since a new metal detector in the works has caught our eye, the latest from nokta makro may very well be the machine we have been waiting for. Here's everything we know so far, though some of these details may change, if it ends up with this spec it will be one of our most popular machines, especially given nokta makros aggressive pricing! NOTE: We do not currently have a release date or finalized pricing but will update this post when that information becomes available!
    Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Technology.
    Nokta Makro claims this new multi frequency technology is superior to its more expensive competitors. The detector will also offer many single frequencies. If done correctly, this could be huge for the machine's popularity and sales potential as multi frequency technology has usually been reserved for more expensive / full featured metal detectors.

    User replaceable & removable battery


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  9. Metal Detecting for Gold, tips and tricks, what to look for!

    We get asked about gold detecting often here at BBH. With the way the world economy is at the moment and gold prices set to soar we thought it would be a good time to talk about metal detecting for gold, learning what to look for and some of the characteristics that can be displayed on your metal detector.

    Gold can vary widely! For instance one could define gold as nuggets, gold flakes, placer gold, gold rings and the most common gold jewelry

    In a nutshell, all the metal detectors we sell will detect gold, however, like with most things, some machines are better than others. Some have higher frequency is more specific to hitting a lower conductor like gold. No machine will detect gold only and disregard everything else unfortunately though. If that Detector ever hits the market it would be a huge success to say the least.

    If you want to detect gold exclusively

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  10. Record Setting "Double Eagle" Gold Coin Sells for Almost $19M At Auction!

    Southeby's auctions sold it's most valuable coin ever recently, almost doubling the previous world record at $18.9 million us dollars. The staggering amount was paid for one of the rarest gold coins the US ever produced.

    The "Double Eagle" as it has been dubbed features lady liberty on one side and a flying eagle on the other, Only a handful of these super rare coins are believed to exist after the US government demanded their return back in 1944. The government wanted these coins back for gold smelting so badly, they ordered the secret service declared any unreturned coins be classified as stolen!

    The one recently sold is the only one that can be legally possessed after lengthy court battles between the US treasury and its previous owner. Given this coins rarity and scarcity, It begs the question, how many of them were buried for safe keeping?! Could you imagine digging up one of these?

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