Monthly Archives: January 2014

  1. New Big Boys Hobbies Metal Detecting Forum!

    We are proud to announce the new BBH Metal Detecting Forum. Please sign up and post to be entered into the free Fisher F2 Give A Way!

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  2. So you want a backup metal detector for your friends when they go detecting with you?

    Many of us have a friend or coworker that wants to go try metal detecting but knows nothing about it. They want to come with us but we do not want to overload them with a highly complicated metal detector that will confuse them or a detector that you will have to baby sit them with for hours. On the other hand you do not want to give them a inferior made in China detector either. Maybe even a detector you can use yourself when your not using your high end expensive metal detector and just want a change for a bit?

    Enter in the Fisher F2 metal detector made here in the USA! Our favorite beginner or backup metal detector! It is a very lightweight metal detector and has many features for the money. Not to mention a long 5 year warranty!

    • It has a pin point button to locate your target before you dig.
    • Visual ID target numbers or VID so that you can learn the corresponding
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