Ground balancing a metal detector can be a bit confusing and troublesome. We hope to clear some of it up here.

A metal detector that is properly ground balanced can allow it to perform much better and give a deeper and more accurate  target id of what is in the ground.

Ground balancing is a process of canceling out the effects of ground mineralization and letting the detector only read the new targets and not the ground and the target.  In a way it is a form of discrimination but in a good way.  When you ground balance a detector what you are hoping to do is find the proper balance between the effects of the ground and not be positive or negative of a ground balance.

A positive ground balance setting can cause the minimization to produce a response just like a a good target if set to high. Especially if your sensitivity is set to high along with it. If this happens you can potentially miss good targets being masked by the detector seeing only the mineralization and no

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