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Coiltek 10x5 DD Treasureseeker coil

Coiltek 10x5 DD Treasureseeker coil

Coiltek 6" Treasureseeker DD coil

Coiltek 6" DD Treasureseeker coil for Minelab E-Trac and Explorer series. Great target separation for those really trashy spots where stock coil just wont cut it!
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coiltek 6" seeker

Coiltek 6" DD Treasureseeker coil

These are made to suit the Minelab Etrac, Explorer, Safari, Sovereign and Quattro series detectors.

The Treasureseeker Coils are all fully submersible and have new and improved windings. They have had very successful reports from around the world and with the option of now being able to use these coils in water they give the detector operator the choice to search in undiscovered territories, more opportunity for new discoveries.

"I had the privilege of testing the new 6" Treasureseeker from Coiltek coupled to the ever faithful E-TRAC from Minelab.

This little coil is simply outstanding to say the least, I firmly believe that there will be some amazing finds surface over the coming years once people realize that the Treasureseeker is an absolute must have accessory. I was blown away when I took it to a really trashy site where I have always wondered if there were more coins being masked by the multitude of iron and rusty nails left over from the old general store.

It was a slow and tedious hunt but after being overwhelmingly bombarded with tones for just over an hour the E-TRAC and 6" Treasureseeker finally sniffed out a solid 11:36 - 11:38, this turned out to be an 1854 Victoria 3d. I have taken some very good detector operators here over the last couple of years but they would be the first to say how hard a site it is. To find this coin at this site is testament to the amazing ability of this great little coil, an absolute credit to Coiltek, well done."

Designed for ETRAC and Explorer Series Detectors

TOP 10 Performance Points:

  • Fully submersible design
  • Very light weight for all day use 
  • Easy Pinpointing 
  • Excellent target separation ability due to DD coil design
  • Great coil for sites with high trash 
  • Ultra-sensitive to small, closer to the surface targets 
  • Good depth capabilities for a small coil 
  • Very manoeuvrable in tight areas 
  • Robust Design 
  • Includes Skid plate and Nut & Bolt

Part Number: C04-0015 Light Weight: 400 Grams To suit 

Coiltek coils offer a 2 year warranty from Coiltek distrubitor here in the US.

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