Garrett 6

Garrett 6" X 11" AT Series DD VIPER SEARCHCOIL

Garrett 6

Garrett 6"X11" DD VIPER COIL for APEX Metal Detector

Garrett 14” x 11” DD Reaper Searchcoil

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NEW! 14” x 11” DD Reaper Search-coils - in stock!
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The 14” Reaper search coil will be manufactured for Garrett’s Ace and AT Series Detectors.

AT Series works with AT Pro, AT GOLD, and AT MAX detectors only.

ACE Series works with all Ace series machines except the Apex series.

Apex series works with Apex series machines only.

This coil provides a 25% increase in ground coverage as compared to an 8.5” x 11” DD coil. This makes the Reaper perfect for: working large fields, searching for caches, and swinging above stubble and other field obstructions that often hinder detection depth. It also offers a significant increase in detection depth on medium to large-sized targets, while still maintaining excellent detection on small targets.

This big coil is rugged and fully submersible.

Weighing in around 20 ounces (each model has a slightly different weight), its 14-inch size is still light enough to swing all day.


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