XP Deus X35 9

XP Deus X35 9" coil

XP WS-4 Wireless Backphones

XP WS-4 Wireless Backphones

XP WS-5 Wireless Headphones

The WS5 is a full ear-cup wireless headphone. Fully weatherproof, it allows you to comfortably isolate outside noise and weather. In the absence of the remote control, the WS5 alone can operate the DEUS thanks to its built in controls, and without any power loss!
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FUNCTIONS adjustable directly via the headphones (WS4 or WS5):

  • Discrimination
  • Sensitivity
  • Ground Balance
  • 5 Multi-tones + Pitch + Full Tones
  • 4 Frequency (4 kHz, 8 kHz, 12 kHz, 18 kHz )
  • 10 factory programs + 8 user programs that you can save
  • Volume
  • Target ID
  • Coil change



  • Wireless
  • Built in operational controls
  • Foldable and ergonomic
  • Weatherproof
  • Lithium powered with long battery life: 27 Hours
  • Fast charge USB protocol: 2 hours
  • Larger screen than the WS4
  • Indicates the battery level of headphone and coil


Made in France

XP detectors prides itself on developing new and innovative products both high in quality and extremely durable, all engineered and developed in France.

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