New leadership is incoming over at Garrett headquarters.  Steve Novakovich will be stepping in as CEO announced in the company press release on Jan 19th.

Eleanor Garrett, the current president of Garrett says:

“We felt that it was the right time to add to Garrett’s management team,”

The current President of Garrett Metal Detectors. In 1964, Mrs. Garrett co-founded the company from her Garland, Texas home with her late husband, Charles Garrett, who was considered to be one of the pioneers of hobby metal detecting.

“Steve Novakovich brings more than 30 years of experience to us from all facets of the business world,” Mrs. Garrett added. “Adding Steve to our existing core management team, I feel secure that the company Charles and I founded 54 years ago will remain strong for its next 54 years.”

Lets hope we see even more innovation we've come to expect from Garrett and wish Steve Novakovich luck in his new position at the company.