Buying used metal detectors and equipment can sometimes be the best option for this hobby. Enthusiasts often upgrade to keep ahead of the curve with metal detecting technology and they sometimes make for unwanted gifts so deals can be had if you shop smart.

Your best option for buying used metal detectors and equipment will always be to try and buy through a reputable metal detector dealer. We stock used and factory refurbished machines but they tend to sell very fast. Buying from a reputable dealer means you can rest assured the machine has been properly tested and is fit for resale.

When buying a used metal detector from other sources, like local ads, craigslist and Facebook marketplace, Ask the seller about the warranty registration, is it transferable, where was it purchased and do the manufactures have their own warranty transfer rules? Make sure to test the equipment before handing over any money. It's a good idea to bring some different type of metals with you so you can make sure the tones and signals are accurate, some old jewelry, aluminum can, scrap metals, whatever you may have lying around. To test, simply lay the metal detector on a table or flat surface and wave the different metals in front of the coil.

Also, when making big purchases through online ads make sure to meet in a safe, public place with lots of people around. Starbucks is a great example.

Try and buy equipment with boxes. this drastically changes the resale value if you decide to sell your used equipment. a lot of manufacturers of modern metal detectors now print serial numbers and other important information directly onto the box so its good to have and put away somewhere safe.

Have any more tips about buying used metal detectors? let us know in the comments below!